Monday, December 31, 2012

Custom Hand knit Ponies~ to look just like Yours!!!

 Meet Cannon, a custom order.

 ~Uniquely Yours~

Custom hand knit horses from your photos. 

Who doesn't want or hasn't wanted a horse of their very own?
 Here is your chance.

One of a kind, hand knit.
 You supply the specific details and each horse is created just for you. 
Or order from the many in my herd..

Custom orders will be knit within 7-10 days
depending on back log.

Each horse is hand knit  by me from 100% wool. They are stuffed with  polyester so they are super soft and squishy. Each has a wonderful long mane and tail, which is securely attached. They are approximately 7" long, from nose to tail, and stand about 5 1/2" tall.

Collect them in lots of colors!

$40.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling in US. Place your order through email; 
Paypal accepted. 

Meet Norman the donkey. He is just a love!!!  
    Rue, what a beauty!!
By Heather, 10/ 2012
"I just opened them! Omg they are so perfect!!! The coolest things ever! I just love them. It's going to be hard to wait til V-day to give Norman to the owner of my barn. But she is just gonna die when she sees them! I will be ordering more soon!!!!"

By Rikki, 3/13 "I spotted this post around Christmas time last year. I had three made (one for me and two for friends) and they ALL were ABSOLUTELY adorable!! They were all spitting images of the horses. Definitely awesome!"

Special Order Unicorn for a cancer patient!! 
Hope and magical healing powers included, along with prayers and best wishes.