Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quick Coffee Cozies

I have been commissioned to knit coffee cozies for the promo of Season 3- Portlandia a TV comedy. Pretty exciting!! the first season 3 airing is January 4,2013.

I thought I'd share this simple coffee cozie for others to knit up for friends and family.

Size 7 US needles 4 Dpns
Guage not important

  • Cast on 27 divide stitches as evenly as possible- doesn't really matter- Purl first two rows
  • Knit the next 14 rows
  • Purl two rows
  • Cast off knitwise.

Sew in loose ends
Add any type of decoration- this is where you can make it your own creation- have fun, go wild, be crazy.

These make great gifts, give the cozie with the cup and inside the cup put your favorite coffee/tea gift card.