Monday, August 24, 2009

Knitting Sights!!

I feel very lucky to have been invitied to these events. Fun new friends, great knitting projects, and more adventures to come.

So Many Places So little Time

Aug. 23, 2009

Well we have made the decision to winter in Sitka this year. We are on the waiting list for permanent moorage, and should know within the week where our slip will be. Moorage here is quite different than what we are use to, all of the slips are Hot-berthed- which means when you leave your slip you must notify the port and they rent out your slip if someone wants it. So until you have a permanent slip you could be moving all around the marina at any moment.

We have been in Sitka now for close to a month. We have seen friends from Seattle who have come through on the cruise lines, Don and Liz, John and Yoshiko. That was fun for us.

Fish at last! News travels fast in Alaska from one small town to another. While in Pelican we met a great couple Tom and Minnie who called ahead to Sitka to let their friends Lance and Ann know we were on our way. We have all become fast friends and have enjoyed each others company on many adventures already. Fish was first on our list so Lance and Ann took us along for a successful day of salmon fishing. Jim brought in a 17.5 pound Coho. Each of us caught either a Coho or a King so the freeze was filled.

Girls’ nights out! I have had two fabulous weekend events with new friends here in Sitka. The first was the opportunity to spend the night with friends on a privately owned island. The night was filled with knitting, barbequing, eating, talking and laughing. The second weekend adventure took us to a new log cabin in the forest out side of Sitka. The setting was amazing, the salmon were running upstream and the bear watch was on!! A sow with two cubs has been seen daily in the area unfortunately we did not see her. We were warned however to keep doors and windows locked.

Sitka is alive with activities and we are looking forward to taking advantage of all the events.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knitting Fun

I had only one pattern and a few limited yarn colors with me while at anchor. So with that one pattern and the yarns available I've created a few items for the coming addition to our family.